Reduce Processing and Paving Costs

Reduce Processing and Paving Costs

Save Time and Money

Honeywell Titan asphalt additives improve the processability of asphalt, saving energy and time. They can also eliminate the need for anti-strip additives.

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Reduce Costs

Adding only 1-3% of Honeywell Titan™ asphalt additives saves formulators, mix producers and pavers time and money:

Use Less Polymer

  • Highly efficient additives for asphalt
  • Potential to use less polymer additive to achieve the same grade bump, saving raw material costs
  • Retain low viscosity and realize savings in production and shipping costs

Save on Energy Costs

  • Use less energy during asphalt production and paving processes
  • Blend, mix and pave at lower temperatures than asphalt modified with conventional asphalt polymers
  • Eliminates the need for high shear, or high energy, mills and high-temperature mixing

Disperse Polymer Faster

  • Typically disperses in the asphalt within 60 minutes, faster than traditional asphalt polymers

Reduce Roller Passes

  • Compacts more easily than SBS-modified asphalt
  • Results in fewer roller passes, reducing time and fuel costs

Eliminate Your Anti-Strip Additive

  • Improves moisture resistance
  • May eliminate need for anti-stripping additives