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Choose Honeywell’s line of additives to boost asphalt performance without increasing blending, mixing, or paving temperatures.

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Grade Bumping with Consistent Viscosity

Honeywell Titan additives for asphalt are polyolefin polymers:

  • Molecular weights between 5,000-15,000
  • Used in quantities between 1-3% of the asphalt formulation
  • No dependency on butadiene feedstock

Meet Demanding Performance Specifications with Lower Viscosity

  • Retain low viscosity while meeting demanding performance specifications in both high and low temperatures
  • Helps compact at lower temperatures than asphalt modified with conventional asphalt polymers such as SBS

Grade Performance Without
Viscosity Increase

View Larger ImageGrade performance viscosity titan asphalt additive

High Temperature Performance

Improve pavement rutting performance:

Meets Specifications More Efficiently
View Larger ImageTitan asphalt high temperature performance

Low Temperature Performance

Minimal effect on cold and intermediate temperature performance like cracking:

Low Temperature Performance
PG (64-22) Base Asphalt @ -12°C

View Larger ImageTitan low temperature compliance

NOTE: All additives at 2% by weight in PG (64-22) except EGA at 0.8% with acid. SBS not crosslinked.

New Honeywell Additives For Asphalt Decrease Paving Energy Costs And Pollutant Emissions
Honeywell Titan Fact Sheet – Road Pavers
Honeywell Titan Fact Sheet – Asphalt Processing
Technical Data Sheet – Honeywell Titan 7686
MSDS – Honeywell Titan 7686
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On the road in 19 U.S. states, 13 countries and 3 provinces
Below are just a few of the paving projects that have been completed using Honeywell Titan.

Location Date Project Title Length or Hot Mix Asphalt MT
Beaumont, Texas, USA May
State Highway 347 PG76-22 SMA-D mix from PG 64-22 using Honeywell Titan/SBS Hybrid 1.2 miles, 1000 Tons HMA
Camp Douglas, Wisconsin, USA October 2010 Military Base roads and parking lots PG64-28 from PG58-28 with Honeywell Titan, 15% RAP, 2 lifts 9000 Tons HMA
DeRidder, Louisiana, USA August 2011 State Highway 112 & 171 PG70-22 from PG 64-22 using Honeywell Titan, 15% RAP, 2 lifts 1250 Tons HMA
Clover, South Carolina, USA October 2009 Honeywell plant parking lot and access road. PG70-22 from PG 64-22 with Honeywell Titan 500 Tons HMA
Madison, Wisconsin, USA September 2009 Wisconsin County Road with DOT PG64-28 from PG 58-28 with Honeywell Titan 1.5 miles, 4 lanes, 12,000 Tons HMA
Chihuahua, Mexico September 2009 Honeywell Plant PG70-16 from AC 30, 2 lifts 4000 Tons HMA
Shan’Xi China June
Shan’Xi XiTong Highway Honeywell Titan used for improving anti-rutting performance 200 meters
Inner Mongolia, China August 2011 XilingGuoLe Highway Honeywell Titan used for 30% anti-rutting improvement, mixed at 10 degrees C lower and paved at 30 degrees C lower vs. SBS PMA 500 meters
Muscat, Oman November 2010 Royal Opera House in Muscat, Oman  
Seelze, Germany November 2010 Heavy duty pavement for an industrial area (added to a PmB 25-55/55) 200 meters